Montmartre musician

I captured this musician immersed in the music he was creating as he sat under trees in Montmartre, Paris, during my 2016 trip. 

I spotted him from afar and managed to get many photographs in various music-playing poses as I walked past him up a hill. 

This piece is watercolour paint on watercolour A3 size paper. 

While he did look up and possibly at me as I walked past with a group of tourists, he mostly paid no heed to the people around him. Simply enjoying the afternoon and the joy of playing music. 

I spotted three other musicians playing/busking in the streets of Paris during my trip, but this was the only one who looked like his mind was a million miles away in his own little world.

Vietnam Veteran

This is a graphite portrait of Central Queensland Vietnam war veteran Harry Mimi. Harry was well-known in Rockhampton due to his colourful attire he regularly wore while out and about. The Gayndah-born and raised indigenous man was one of the first Australian men on the ground in the war. 

The veteran community had invited me to various events at the Cockscomb veterans retreat in Cawarral and I donated this piece to their museum when his name was added to the Cenotaph in 2016.

The love birds take on life together

This piece was a wedding present for my friends Aden and Jacob.

 Both love all things Harry Potter/ Hogwarts, so I wanted to do something that celebrated them as a couple taking the next steps in their life by committing to do 'life' together, as well as something they are both passionate about.

 I chose the stance to show a united front, then made sure I had the favourite Hogwarts house colours featured, along with the iconic image of the school's castle and Quidditch rings in the background.

 The piece was sketched out in Procreate, then transferred onto Pastelmat A3 and using Prismacolour coloured pencils.

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