Kalm's background

I am a self-taught Central Queensland artist who currently works full-time in a non-art industry.

I have always dabbled in art, mostly drawing, but it wasn't until after I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that I immersed myself in creating things, finding it as a way to switch off my mind from my mental illness-imposed thoughts.

I have since self-recovered from PTSD and now create for the joy of the journey.

 My works have been short-listed in Rockhampton Art Gallery's Bayton Awards once, but I haven't really focused on entering awards since as I was much more interested in exploring art for myself and not creating works to impress others.

 However, I have impressed others with my works with one of my early Pastel works being sold to a friend who saw it moments after I picked it up from the framer - now PNE Art and Framing in East Street.

I have also gifted works, such as the dragon watercolour painting to the left, along with a pet portrait to a family member after their beloved dog died suddenly, and a watercolour painting of a house that the family spent over 20 years renovating and had to sell due to health issues.

I have completed commission works for pet portraits and one house so far, and interested in doing more as these are two things I love to create.

I have also recently started teaching myself how to paint in oils and started going en plein air to practice oil painting and capturing the beautiful landscapes Central Queensland has to offer.